Creating Widgetized Pages

Create a New Page

Your theme features a full widgetized page template that allows you to add and order your homepage widgets however you would like. To create your new widgetized page visit Pages > Add New. On the right side of your screen assign the Homepage Template in the Page Attributes area. Also note that there will be no need for you to fill the editor block as the content of the homepage will be completely replaced by a widget area. Finally, click Publish.

Replace the Homepage Widget Area

Every page saved with the Homepage Template will display the Homepage widget area. However, you can create a new custom widget area with Easy Custom Sidebars to replace it. To do so, just follow the steps described in the following post:

Creating Custom Widget Areas

Add Section Widgets

When activated, the Grimlock plugin allows you to add section widgets to your new custom widget area. Those widgets have an important number of customization options that lets you perfect the content of your page. Moreover, it provides you with 5 types of widgets: