Installing Required Plugins

To enjoy the major features seen in the demo website, you will be invited to install the plugins we have curated and recommended for your theme. You can either install some or all of them.

Visit Appearance > Install Plugins and select which plugins you would like to install. We recommend the bulk installation of all the recommended plugins.

Once you’ve selected the plugins you want to install, click the Install option under Bulk Actions dropdown.

This method refers only to major features from the demo website and does not include the installation of any premium or 3rd party plugins that are not freely available on

Finally, your theme is also compatible and will work seamlessly with the following plugins:

They are not required for your theme to work but most of these are free and can be downloaded on if you want to add features to your project.

When using Grimlock to extend the Customizer features, you can also install the following add-ons to improve compatibility with several well-established plugins: